I could not call myself a mystic, but on half-a-dozen occasions I have has experiences which for me made me certain of the reality of some supernatural Entity which, or whom, I label ‘God’.

On one such occasion I was at a train station on a murky November Saturday. This is not the setting one would choose for a revelation of God!

For a few seconds only the whole train compartment was filled with light. This is the only way I know in which to describe the moment, for there was nothing to see at all. I felt caught up into some tremendous sense of being within a loving, triumphant and shining purpose. I never felt more humble. I never felt more exalted. A most curious, but overwhelming sense possessed me and filled me with ecstasy. I felt that all was well for mankind – how poor the words seems!

All the people were shining and glorious beings who in the end would enter incredible joy. Beauty, music, joy, love immeasurable and glory unspeakable, all this they would inherit. Of this they were heirs. My words would contribute only an infinitesimal drop to the ocean of love and truth which God wanted men to enjoy, but my message was of the same nature as that ocean. An incredible joy possessed me.

All this happened over fifty year ago but even now I can see myself in the corner of that dingy, third class compartment. In a few moments the glory departed. It sounds silly now, and indeed I blush to write it, but at that moment I think I would have died for any one of the people in that compartment.

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