I had been happily married for some fifteen years, when things started to change. My husband started to get dissatisfied with his work and it affected our home, as well as our relations.

My children were growing up and I had to find something to do with my time, so I started to attend the adult night school. The second year at school I feel deeply in love with the teacher. Never, had I felt such a closeness to a human.

This teacher knew my feeling, and declared his for me, I told him I couldn’t have an affair with him, he grew angry with me, and told me he was coming for me…I knew that if I would be unfaithful to my vows I would never be able to live, to me, it would be worse than death. I knew that I had to go back to that class room and face this man.

Arriving that night, I was so terribly frightened, but I did make it to my seat. I was so weak that I could hardly sit up. He told me to turn to a certain page in the class book. The page contained an excerpt from Ernest Hemingway’s ‘The Old Man and the Sea’.

‘Man was not made for defeat, he can be destroyed but not defeated.’

All weakness left me, and I felt thunder in my veins. At that moment I had the power of the Universe at my finger tips. I looked up at him, he grew terribly white, and scared, He was a man of questionable character, and had many affairs in his life. He wanted to add me to his long list of conquests. But it wasn’t to be, As I looked at him, I could feel a power sitting alongside of me, telling me when to look at him.

Four years have passed since then. I do act and say things that I shouldn’t, for I know better. God have shown me himself beyond any doubt. It has enriched my life and turned it completely around. I am no longer afraid of anything.

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