My main religious experience has been of God’s guiding my life according to His plan. I have had some terrible experiences and frustrations, and suffered defeats and failures and humiliations since childhood, but I have always been able to see the wise and loving purpose of God behind them, turning evil to good account and leading me onwards to do what He has for me to do here and to fulfil my destiny. This is particularly true of my marriage and the birth of my son, and also true of my vocation and my work.

I have experienced the power and help of God, most particularly when I have had to do tasks and have personal encounters which I have feared. When I have really prayed about them beforehand and remembered His presence, they have become such as I could cope with.

I have had the vision of the Christian Way as the way of love and release from ego-centricity; it is still a vision which I can only approximate to in the reality of living; but I am sure it saves me from succumbing to its opposite; at least it counterbalances the pull of self. In prayer and meditation, I find continuing light and inspiration of this sort, and also judgement and challenge.

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