I knew instantly that it was Jesus – Sania

As I was writing, suddenly I heard a voice calling me by name and saying, “Pray.” I felt as if someone were standing behind me. I heard a man’s voice . . . I just turned back only to see none. “Pray.” This time it kept repeating, “Pray, pray, pray” . . . I really thought, “I am going mad.” I thought I was really becoming mad . . . I really felt something was wrong with me.

So I just closed my eyes, sitting on my chair. For the first time in my life, never had I seen such a thing. I saw with my eyes closed; I saw the whole room and everything. Near my table, I saw one person was standing—a huge, tall person—but I could not see the face. His face was bright, very bright. . The garment itself was very bright. I knew it was a person, but I could not see the face. I knew instantly that it was Jesus. Now he did not say, “I am Jesus”—nothing! I knew in my heart immediately that it was Jesus. I did not have any doubt. I never had any doubt. I did not even question myself. I cannot explain that feeling! I just knew it was Jesus. The next moment, I was on my knees. I just fell down. I just fell, on my own; I fell down. I was sobbing and crying and crying and crying and crying because I felt very dirty.

The brightness—whatever the bright thing was, the brightness around me. I looked at myself in my vision. I was seeing; I was looking at myself. I was full of dirt. I felt I was so poor inside of me. Since I come from a rich family, I never lacked anything. I never had such kind of feeling. But that day I felt I was very poor. I felt I had too much of pride. I never knew that I had all these things. But I was crying and crying, sobbing and sobbing on my knees. I remember saying, “I do not know who you are, but Jesus, I need you. I know I need you in my life because I am very poor—I cannot handle it. I am very poor on my own. I cannot do anything. I need you.” I did not realize at the time that I was born again. I was crying and then the vision disappeared.

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