…it appeared to me as if I was in heaven on earth – Stephen

“At first, I began to feel my heart beat very quickly, which made me at first think that perhaps something is going to make me ill, though I was not alarmed, for I felt no pain. My heart increased in its beating, I began to feel exceedingly happy and humble, and such a sense of unworthiness as I never felt before. I could not very well help speaking out, which I did, and said, God, I do not deserve this happiness. Then, what felt like a stream of air came into my mouth and continued for five minutes or more. It took complete possession of me. I knew it was God from the effect it had on me.  I desired God not to give me any more happiness, for it seemed as if I could not contain what I had got. My heart seemed as if it would burst, but it did not calm until I felt as if I was unutterably full of the love and the grace of God. In that moment my body was under the control of the God within me. I was so happy, but I feared I should lose it. As my heart calmed and it appeared to me as if I was in heaven on earth.”

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